The last blog of the year: The best bits of 2020.

This is the last blog of the year.  2020.  A year, well documented and much described.  And one that has prompted a range of my blogs.  Ones that focused on coping with current conditions, changing, and planning – and the impact on business and employment.  Others that shared my feelings around coping with lockdown, the emotional ups and downs, adapting to living in a smaller, quieter, and in some ways an unchanging world.  And blogs that highlighted the effects of news coverage, changing policies, uncertainties and the resultant anxieties.

I completely acknowledge the trauma and the worry, the loss of work, livelihoods and loved ones.  It has been, and continues to be, an extraordinary experience.  Today’s blog though is unashamedly and determinedly all about the four best things to come out of the year.  From my personal experience.

Being smaller.  The scale of life has reduced.  I have spent much more time at home.  Home has felt like the sanctuary, rather than the ‘basecamp’ from where I travelled for work or pleasure.  There has been no global-trotting, no business trips to London, no social life like it used to be.  And so, resource consumption, my carbon footprint, has been dramatically scaled-down.  That feels good for me and for everyone.  Despite the mixed feelings of missing the big beautiful world out there. 

Being at home.  ‘Staying in’ has helped rebalance a sense of grounding in these bricks and mortar that shelter us from what is going on out there.  I feel better connected with it.  Literally a grounding at home rather than flying around in the air.  Time has been used differently.  There’s been time to smell the flowers, scavenge the hedgerows of the surrounding countryside, tidy drawers, and make preserves for the store cupboard.

Being together.  There has been a stronger sense of connection with friends, family, colleagues and clients.   Communication online has resulted in much more time together and often in better ways. And I think many relationships have improved.  There has been a focusing on the things we have in common rather than the differences that drive us apart.  We have supported each other to cope with the effects and impact of COVID-19. 

Being hopeful about the future.  At various points this year we could all have been forgiven for thinking we had been through the worst.  But it seems at each and every turn we suffer further incremental and unpredictable challenges.  But we all resolve to ‘hope for the best’. 

What has happened has caused us all to rethink the scale of our lives and businesses, live in different ways in our homes, connect in new ways with those around us, and adapt to current situations.  We must now consider what we might want to do next, when greater choices are afforded to us.  That’s a job for 2021.

Yoko Ono 2006.

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