Searching for the signs of better times to come

It was a working at home day yesterday.  You know the score, deliveries expected, some maintenance happening in the garden and a key document needing writing with a clear head and no distractions.  That was the plan, anyway.  Don’t really know how I managed to fit work in at all.

The rollercoaster of COVID-19 challenge and change is a familiar tale.  And things have been getting me down recently.  It’s fatigue I think, the effects of adrenaline and determination have waned somewhat.  They aren’t far away.  And I understand they aren’t a constant, they are dynamics that ebb and flow organically. 

People have noticed.

So, imagine my surprise and delight to receive a delivery of goodies, from a dear friend, a ‘local lockdown survival kit’ I was advised.  A reward for the hard work and for surviving the trials and tribulations of recent months.  Very gratefully received I have to say.  I was over the moon.

Then, a letter from a building society.  Dull one would expect.  Oh no, an admin error and an over-payment of a professional fee.  A refund due, with interest.  £500.  Thank you kindly!

Fast forward to early evening.  The local florist at the door.  A bouquet of flowers from the in-laws.  Something to cheer you up, you seemed a little down at the weekend!

What a day.  It felt like the universe had shifted in my favour.  To some degree.  I was thankful.

We all know the importance of celebrating mini-victories and valuing what we have during COVID-19.  I must admit the extended local lockdown has been traumatic and difficult on top of something that was already tough for three months prior to that.  We’re not through it yet.  But yesterday did feel like the beginning of a little bounce back.  I attached myself to the positive feelings of hope.  Thank you to those that made that happen.

This morning, something happened that rocked my confidence.  I knocked over Bhimsen.  Who, you may ask?  Bhimsen is considered in Nepal to be the god of trade and business.  It is also believed he has superhuman strength.  I have a Bhimsen made of stone sitting on my bedside table.  Sometimes you feel like you need all the luck you can muster.  It felt like a heart-in-the-mouth moment.  But fear not, he was still intact.  Best put him on the mantlepiece so he is safer, I thought.  I did.  And he is fine.

Later, when walking to work, a white feather descended from the sky in front of me, then encircled my head and shoulders, returning to float in front of my face.  What a comfort that was.  The sign of angelic energy.

It made me think about the power of symbolism, the need for resilience and the comfort that all sorts of signs offer us and how they help us through times of difficulty.  I ended the day having been told this afternoon’s two business proposals have been agreed and accepted.  Thank goodness some things are going well.

1 thought on “Searching for the signs of better times to come”

  1. I truly empathise. I think exploring one’s own vulnerability in these ‘unprecedented’ times – I know a rather overused word – but says it all – can I believe actually be quite therapeutic. A few unexpected small gestures from family and friends can make such a difference. My heart sunk for a minute towards the end of your story when I thought the uplifting provided by others’ acts of kindness was about to be undone, but agreed then seeking out those symbols that mean something to you and give you hope are always worth looking for. A great story and one that I’m sure many can relate to. Thank you for sharing.

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